The Teen Trail Corps initiative and NICA Trail Maintenance program are currently under revision. You may continue earning your Teen Trail Corp Badges during the revision but please note that “Build” badge will be replaced with “Serve” badge. Only “NICA Basic Trail Maintenance” (not building) within Team Training limits is a NICA sanctioned activity.

“Basic trail maintenance” is a term used by many organizations maintaining multiple types of trails serving many user groups. “NICA basic trail maintenance” is defined as “ NICA Student-athletes, Coaches, Staff or Volunteers maintaining and/or cleaning up established existing mountain bike trails within NICA Team Training Limit” guidelines. This activity is done with approval of the landowner or manager and supervision is provided by NICA level 2 or 3 coaches.”

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Training Limits

We Built That

Great video showing the power of teen-work! Petaluma’s economic development department at congratulates the Petaluma community for raising such wonderful young people.

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Adventures of Slowmo Bro

Learn how to be a trail steward through the eyes of Slowmo Bro.

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