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Teen Trail Corps

The Teen Trail Corps is a new national strategic partnership between NICA and IMBA and sponsored by REI to directly incorporate the youth in tomorrow’s future of trail stewardship. The idea was inspired by the two organizations prior to the 2014 IMBA World Summit, where four students from three NICA Leagues attended the summit and thus hatched Teen Trail Corps.

Teen Trail Corps mission sees young adults leading a movement encouraging and promoting trail advocacy, land stewardship and courteous and respectful use of trails.

Teen Trail Corps members demonstrate respect, empathy and compassion towards fellow trail users and the environment. Teen Trail Corps members may be called upon by IMBA/NICA to help with focused advocacy and stewardship efforts in various regions around the country, in addition to helping educate fellow student-athletes.

Teen Trail Corps core values help to guide all efforts, interactions and decisions to always do the right thing on the trail to help improve the perception of mountain bikers for generations. Friendly interaction between bikers and non-bikers will create positive goodwill that helps gain access to more trails. With engagement from NICA’s student-athletes, a rallying cry has started for all trail users to want to create a sense of community on the trails and to ensure continued access to our public land uses.

  • Respect – student-athletes learns to respect other trail users and the natural surfaces upon which they ride.
  • Empathy – student-athletes learn to empathize with those who don’t ride and perceive bicycles as being dangerous.
  • Compassion – student-athletes learn compassion for other trail users and their desire to have an enjoyable trail experience.

Teens Trail Corps will seek to raise awareness to develop the next generation of cyclists through leadership and plug them into conservation efforts and provide them the tools to educate their peers on what it means to be a good mountain bike advocate.

To learn more about NICA visit www.nationalmtb.org

To learn more about IMBA visit www.imba.com


Lauren Duensing @ laurend@nationalmtb.org

Andy Williamson @ andy.williamson@imba.com

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