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Dear Coach:

NICA and IMBA are delighted to be partnering on the REI sponsored Teen Trail Corps program together! This program was both developed and named by student-athletes at the 2014 IMBA World Summit in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

This joint program is a student-athlete lead trail advocacy program. The program is designed to educate student-athletes in advocacy as well as to encourage them to take action now and as leaders in the future.

We understand that you are a volunteer coach (thank you!), and thus this program is not intended to add to your workload.

The program is designed around four IMBA initiatives, Speak, Serve, Respect and Ride.  After each initiative is complete, the student-athlete will receive a sticker-badge of honor. Upon completion of the four initiatives, students will be issued a sticker and certificate stating that they have become “Teen Trail Corps Captain.”  This achievement can be added to college applications and helps develop NICA student-athletes minds, body and character.

Your role is simply to share this opportunity, and if a student-participates, confirm the student has completed four exercises in each of the initiatives and that the total amount of time per category was about 4 hours.

The students will need to talk to you or show you the completed work by e-mail (you do not need to review just confirm the work is done).

For Example:

Student-athlete:  “Coach, I have completed four activities for the Teen Trail Corp Speaking Category.  Will you confirm this?”

Coach:  “Yes – what activities did you do?”

Student:  “I attended a public meeting, I wrote a letter to a land manager, I did 3 social media posts, and last, I would like to share what I learned with the team.  That make four.

Coach:  “How long did it take to do all of these activities?”

Student-athlete:  “3 and a half hours.  But once I share what I learned with the team, 4 hours.”

Coach:  Great! job!

The student-athlete will submit the information via the TTC website and you will receive an e-mail requesting confirmation of the above at the end of the season.  You and the student-athlete will find all information and instructions at

For further questions please contact Lauren Duensing,, or Marty Caivano,

That is it!