How to participate

Teen Trail Corps advocacy framework is built around the four IMBA Icons developed to help achieve IMBA’s mission while connecting students to local community efforts. Earing each of the following badges will boost Teen Trail Corps members to a level of excellence known as a “Trail Captain”. Trail Captains will be eligible for recognition at the NICA Annual Awards Banquet as well as overall series leaders in advocacy efforts through your regular high school/middle participation season.

To earn a badge for each category (Speak, Serve, Respect, Ride) student-athletes must complete four activities in the respective categories. Upon completion of each activity, the student’s coach must verify that the student has completed the qualifiy amount of activities. This process will be repeated until all four categories have been completed.

Trail Captain Badges:
Speak – create a powerful voice by teaching their peers and representing youth when discussing trails, public lands and policies that are bike friendly for a future that considers a health active lifestyle.
Serve – a strong body and mind by engaging in the stewardship and construction of environmentally sustainable and responsible trail building.
Respect – understanding appropriate trail etiquette and the ability to demonstrate and educate respect for other trail users and the natural settings where we ride.
Ride – inspiring others to experience a healthy active lifestyle while exploring the outdoors by bike.

It is understood that the time and effort will vary with each of the activities, however, in general, plan on each activity varying from 1-4 hours.

To begin- click on one of the four icons “Speak, Serve, Respect, Ride” and you’ll be well on your way to being a trial advocate and Teen Trail Corps Captain!