Riding is the last of IMBA’s four tenets, but is certainly not the least and is arguably the most fun. IMBA inspires more people to experience the outdoors with a bicycle. We educate bike groups how to organize at a local level to make the Ride better. Together in partnership with NICA we will Ride united as a dedicated group of varying individuals who share same a common interest in mountain biking. That common interest will demonstrate strong character and inclusivity for all mountain bikers across the nation.

To earn a “Ride Tenet” student-athletes must complete four activities within the “Ride” category. Coaches must confirm that the student successfully completed each activity. It is understood that the time and effort will vary with each of these activities, however, in general, plan on each activity varying from 1-4 hours. Please note: the acceptable activities are not limited to the examples provided. Feel free to be creative. If you are unsure if your ideas fit within the respective categories, consult your coach for additional awareness.

Acceptable Activities

1)  Demonstrating safe riding habits and improvement or mastery of key skills

Brief description

  • Display confidence and ability to perform safe riding skills.

How to guidelines

  • Attend clinics to further your progression in safe riding skills pertaining to the mountain bike.
  • Offer to assist your local IMBA chapter in hosting a skills clinic for your community.
  • Demonstrate these skills by assisting your coach during practice, by displaying proper techniques.
  • Ask your coach for 3 skills he or she recommends you improve upon.
  • Write a one page essay detailing improvement, mastery of skills and or your experience attending or assisting a clinic suggested above.

Examples and Resources

Lee Likes Bikes

IMBA Instructor Certification Program

REI Clinics

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills


2)  Being prepared (equipment)

Brief description

  • Attend practice well prepared for each ride.

How to guidelines

  • Show up to practice with pump, tools, spare tube, water, appropriate gear for changing weather conditions, nutrition and hydration, etc. Snap a picture of your well prepared pack.
  • Lead an ABC check with your team prior to starting practice.
    • A = Air B = Brakes C = Components

Examples and Resources

Leave No Trace

NICA Rulebook

What to carry when riding


3)  Organizing a ride/Mentoring younger students

Brief description

  • Educate your peers on how to organize and make mountain biking better at the local level.

How to guidelines

  • Collaborate with your local IMBA chapter to host a Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day event.
  • Demonstrate strong character and inclusivity by mentoring a younger student(s) who displays an interest in mountain biking and teach them proper trail etiquette.
  • Undertaking peer education during rides – Take time to thoughtfully educate other riders during any and all rides.

Examples and Resources

Guide to Managing Mountain Biking

Lessons from organizing rides

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Toolkit


4) Solid attendance at team practices

Brief description

  • Display a solid attendance at team practices and/or races.

How to guidelines

  • Log practice attendance on the TTC website, tracking form.

Examples and Resources

Attendance Log Sheet


Recording Activities

Once you have completed 4 activities for the Ride Category click on the Advocacy Tracking Form and log your activities.