Speaking is one of IMBA’s four tenets that helps us to define our work. By Speaking we create a powerful voice locally, regionally and nationally for public trail systems and management policies that welcome bikes. IMBA is the voice of mountain bikers worldwide, whether it’s entails lobbying efforts for better bike access, building partnerships with land managers or providing grassroots leadership.

To earn a “Speak Tenet” student-athletes must complete four activities within the “Speak” category. Coaches must confirm that the student successfully completed each activity. It is understood that the time and effort will vary with each of these activities, however, in general, plan on each activity varying from 1-4 hours. Please note: the acceptable activities are not limited to the examples provided. Feel free to be creative. If you are unsure if your ideas fit within the respective categories, consult your coach for additional awareness.

Acceptable Activities

1)  Attend/speak at public meetings

Brief description

  • Attend and/or speak at a public meeting regarding a manner directly related to mountain bike use on public lands. Connect with your local IMBA Chapter in preparation.

How to guidelines

  • Subscribe to local land manager news feeds (ex. Bureau Land Management (BLM), Forest Service (FS), National Park Service (NPS), Fish and Wildlife (FWS))
  • Connect with your local IMBA Chapter as they are typically cued into land management practices that would be of relevance to mountain bikers.
  • Seek information via the Federal Register
  • Look for information on the local land management agency’s webpage (ex. state parks and local parks)

Examples and Resources

List of IMBA Chapters

Federal Register

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

US Forest Service (FS)

National Park Service (NPS)

Example Talking Points


2)  Writing letters on land-use matters

Brief description

  • Write a professional letter to a land manager on specific mountain bike related topic. Connect with a member of your local IMBA chapter in an effort to collaborate on your letter.

How to guidelines

  • Writing letters to land management agencies need to be directly based on what they call for when requesting comments.
  • Letters to land management agencies should be crafted in formal letter writing form. An example is provided with so introduction leading language.

Examples and Resources

IMBA/NICA letter template

Example Talking Points

Example Letter/BLM

Example Letter/FS

Example Letter/NPS

Example Letter/FWS

Example Letter/State Agency

Example Letter/State Agency 2


3) Provide input to interactive mapping, surveys and requests from land managers

Brief description

  • Participate in current land management surveys taking place in your surrounding area.

How to guidelines

  • Surveys happen from time to time and you will find out about them by subscribing to news feeds on land managers webpages, connecting with the local community (IMBA Chapters) reading the message boards for specific land management sites.

Examples and Resources


USFS Interactive Mapping

BLM Interactive Mapping


4) Social media postings

Brief description

  • Share an existing post in social media about current land management issues related to mountain biking, whether the notices is to attend public meetings, submitting comments, trail work day postings, or sharing of other useful/relevant information.

Tag IMBA and NICA #teentrailcorps

How to guidelines

  • Subscribe/follow your local chapter and other groups that are sharing social media posts on topics that are important to your local community.
  • Share these posts, they can be posts regarding trail work days, access issues other fellow students giving back to the cycling community.

Examples and Resources

Example Facebook Post

Example Instagram Post

Example Twitter Post


5) Conduct team education

Brief description

  • Educate your mountain bike team or your community on current mountain biking issues that are relative to your surroundings. Teach others about IMBA and IMBA’s mission to create, enhance and preserve great mountain biking experiences. Educate them on how they can get involved.
  • Collect as many Trail Love signatures as you can.

How to guidelines

  • Connect with a local chapter member and ask them to help create your curriculum.
  • Find teachable moments while riding on your local trails to educate your team on what advocacy efforts look like. Example: pick up a piece of trash.
  • Duplicate stories told in the Slowmo Bro video series.

Examples and Resources

Trail Love sign the pledge

About IMBA

About NICA

About Teen Trail Corps

Adventures of Slowmo Bro


Recording Activities

Once you have completed 4 activities for the Speak Category click on the Advocacy Tracking Form and log your activities.